Anthaxari Version 2 Features and improvements
March 16 2002

Several changes have been made in this version of the game to improve the performance and fix various problems that have been noted in the first version.

  1. The main page only shows the last 30 songs in detail. This will help with download times on slow connections.

  2. The first five words of the RTS text of each song, sorted in alphabetical order (by English alphabet, Uppercase first and then lowercase) is in a scrollable textbox at the bottom. Please use this to verify that your song has not been posted already

  3. Song challenges: If you challenge a song, your name and the formal reason for the challenge are entered right in the song field.

  4. A special user called "Comment" is defined. Please use this user name if you are only entering a comment, not a song; This will do the following:

  5. Another special user called Administrator is defined; This is for admin use, but (at the present time) anyone can use it to post comments of a technical nature

The following features have always been present, but probably not well understood:

  1. The system tracks people, and keeps score, by their email address.

  2. You can change your displayed name whenever you want to, so long as you keep the same email address.

  3. If you pick a username that is already in use, the system automatically adds a 1 to the end to make it unique.