Fun and Games!

  • Oka Maata

    A new game: Players enter songs with the Magic Word somewhere in the lyric. Every two weeks, a winner is declared. The winner gets to pick the magic word for the next round, and be the "Dictator" for the next round - ie. he rules on all challenges. Games so far, with winners, may be reviewed

  • Anthaxari

    Come play the online version of the popular party game! This version keeps score automatically, so you can see how you are doing.

  • Audio Quiz 1

    See if you can identify these word-less segments from Ghantasala's songs! A list of winners, and the answers (i.e the names and the full length songs) will be posted next weekend (March 16/17)

  • Trivia Quiz

    Test your knowledge of Ghantasala trivia with this instant quiz; Answers are online, so you can play and learn at the same time!

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