Ghantasaala Padyaalu

It is generally accepted that Ghantasala brought classical padyaalu (as well as more contemporary works) to life by his original style of rendering. To quote V.A.K Ranga Rao

His way with the Telugu padyam (verse) was incomparable. Padyam was a part of the performing arts of Andhra, mostly through mythological dramas, for 50 years. The intent was primarily musical- with what intricate curlicues, what breath control the singer managed being more important than characterisation or serving the needs of the moment in the play.

Ghantasala changed all this with his sophisticated interpretation (not on stage but on 78 rpm gramophone records) of the author's intent, the character's intent, the character's turmoil being at once musical and accessible. These verses were rendered without tala (rhythm) as before but he generally had a short, metrical musical interlude doing what background music does in films, setting the stage and emphasising the mental stage of the character. Poets Karunasri and Jashuva enjoyed great regard amongst the literatteurs, but it was Ghantasala who rendered their songs and introduced their work to the man on the street.

A further example of this can be found in the tribute to Ghantasala "Gaanamadhuri" by Atloori Choudhury garu. There is a segment where the traditional "naaTakam" style of singing "adigO dwaaraka" is contrasted with Ghantasala gari paddhati. It is the good fortune of the Telugu people that this great singer thus unlocked the great poetry of the past and brought it within reach of Everyman.

Here we present the padyaalu of Ghantasaala up until 1960. Listen and enjoy!

Padyam Movie (Year)   
Punika Raja Keelu Gurram (1949)ListenDownload
Janani Mana Desam (1949)ListenDownload
Yesha Mana Desam (1949)ListenDownload
Asatoma Lakshmamma (1950)ListenDownload
Darunamee Samsaram (1950)ListenDownload
Chekonavayya Kala Hasti Mahatmyam (1954)ListenDownload
Deva Sevakulanna Kala Hasti Mahatmyam (1954)ListenDownload
Bava Santhanam (1955)ListenDownload
Lavokkintayu Santhanam (1955)ListenDownload
Pokanmanadu Santhanam (1955)ListenDownload
Krutaka Jaya Simha (1955)ListenDownload
Naruvalachina Jaya Simha (1955)ListenDownload
Narasimha ( Padyamulu) Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Truvvata Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Sthutamati Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Eekantalu Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Gangasamgama Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Ganjayi Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Kalanan Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Meketoka Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Ranjana Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Taruna Tenali Ramakrishna (1956)ListenDownload
Kalindi Chintamani (1956)ListenDownload
Ardhanga Chintamani (1956)ListenDownload
Chadiviti Chintamani (1956)ListenDownload
Chuchina Chintamani (1956)ListenDownload
Kastabharitambu Chintamani (1956)ListenDownload
Kasturi Chintamani (1956)ListenDownload
Taalimi Chintamani (1956)ListenDownload
Talliro Chintamani (1956)ListenDownload
Aapadalenni Vachina Uma Sundari (1956)ListenDownload
Deva Uma Mahesa Uma Sundari (1956)ListenDownload
Aakata Okani Pancha Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Antatirajachandrunaku Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Arayanvamsamu Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Chaturambhodi Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Chaturambhodhi-2 Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Dalamou Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Deva Brahmana Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Ee Aliveni Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Hrudayamaa (padyam) Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Javadati Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Ichotaye ( Padyamulu) Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Kodukaa Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Mayameya Harichandra (1956)ListenDownload
Aa Kumari Sri Gouri Mahatmyam (1956)ListenDownload
Agarva Sri Gouri Mahatmyam (1956)ListenDownload
Sajjana Sri Gouri Mahatmyam (1956)ListenDownload
Chivurula ( Saki) Chiranjeevulu (1956)ListenDownload
Vande Akka Chellellu (1957)ListenDownload
Aadadavula Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Akatakata Dinammunu Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Ativa Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Darikoni Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
He Agnideva Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Kanulu Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Pakasaka Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Tarakavalee Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Varunadi Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Varunalaya Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Veedaprabhu Nala Damayanti (1957)ListenDownload
Lakshmim Suvarna Sundari (1957)ListenDownload
Aa Nalinakshi Vinaya Chavithi (1957)ListenDownload
Arunaya Vinaya Chavithi (1957)ListenDownload
Jagadeka Rambha Vinaya Chavithi (1957)ListenDownload
Pratah Kale Vinaya Chavithi (1957)ListenDownload
Suklambaratharam Vinaya Chavithi (1957)ListenDownload
Tondamunekadantamu Vinaya Chavithi (1957)ListenDownload
Adiyobrahma Sati Anasuya (1957)ListenDownload
Dikkuneevani Sati Anasuya (1957)ListenDownload
Namo Namah Sati Anasuya (1957)ListenDownload
Allanagadhiraja Saarangadhara (1957)ListenDownload
Gaganseemanee Saarangadhara (1957)ListenDownload
Jagamu Saarangadhara (1957)ListenDownload
Kavaka Saarangadhara (1957)ListenDownload
Sri Kamini kaamitaakaara ( Dandakam) Panduranga Mahatmyam (1957)ListenDownload
Indradi Ganga Gowri Samvadam (1958)ListenDownload
Twamadi ( Slokams) Sri Krishna Garadi (1958)ListenDownload
Naakanulamundoluku Bhu Kailas (1958)ListenDownload
Swamy Dhanyuda Bhu Kailas (1958)ListenDownload
Sykatalingambu Bhu Kailas (1958)ListenDownload
Nadu Hiranya Chenchu Lakshmi (1958)ListenDownload
Ghanuda Sobha (1958)ListenDownload
Kommagadidi Sobha (1958)ListenDownload
Sri Raghu Sri Ramanjaneya Yudham (1958)ListenDownload
Chana Sri Krishna Maya (1958)ListenDownload
Janana Sri Krishna Maya (1958)ListenDownload
Nanu Bhavadeeya Sri Krishna Maya (1958)ListenDownload
Nanurarammani Sri Krishna Maya (1958)ListenDownload
Tapamo Sri Krishna Maya (1958)ListenDownload
Kakulupettina Appu Chesi Pappu Kudu (1959)ListenDownload
Kappanu Appu Chesi Pappu Kudu (1959)ListenDownload
Navakasamitilo Appu Chesi Pappu Kudu (1959)ListenDownload
Neelopali Appu Chesi Pappu Kudu (1959)ListenDownload
Neesukhamunu Nee Bhogame Appu Chesi Pappu Kudu (1959)ListenDownload
Tanadharmambunu Appu Chesi Pappu Kudu (1959)ListenDownload
Asthadikpalura Sati Tulasi (1959)ListenDownload
Yaddeva Sati Tulasi (1959)ListenDownload
Ye Mahattara Sati Tulasi (1959)ListenDownload
Brahma Krishna Lellalu (1959)ListenDownload
Nirata Krishna Lellalu (1959)ListenDownload
Tarame Krishna Lellalu (1959)ListenDownload
Anilo Balanagamma (1959)ListenDownload
Sirulan Bhakta Ambareesha (1959)ListenDownload
Mata Namminabantu (1960)ListenDownload
Chilipi Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam (1960)ListenDownload
Lakshmi Nivasa Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam (1960)ListenDownload
Ontivada Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam (1960)ListenDownload
Pavanambayye Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam (1960)ListenDownload
Padyamulu Santhi Nivasam (1960)ListenDownload
Matunadagi Renukadevi Mahatmyam (1960)ListenDownload
Mullokamula Renukadevi Mahatmyam (1960)ListenDownload
Ori Hantakah Renukadevi Mahatmyam (1960)ListenDownload
Sribhaktamandara Renukadevi Mahatmyam (1960)ListenDownload
Vachinavadu Renukadevi Mahatmyam (1960)ListenDownload
Adigo Dwaraka Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Anikimdodpadu Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Arayan Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Arjunundodu Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Arnavasaptakam Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Chalunjalunu Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Ipudu Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Jalajaataasana Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Kaamamuchetagani Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Kadanamu Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Kudun Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Naaduhitambu Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Nandakumara Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Nitya Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Saradhiyanta Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Sutunichetikin Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Unnadipusthi Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960)ListenDownload
Mankyaveenaam ( Slokams) Mahakavi Kalidasu (1960)ListenDownload
Drowpadya Mahakavi Kalidasu (1960)ListenDownload
Manikya Mahakavi Kalidasu (1960)ListenDownload
Sudha Samudranta ( Dandakam) Mahakavi Kalidasu (1960)ListenDownload
Vagardha Mahakavi Kalidasu (1960)ListenDownload
Padyamulu Devantakudu (1960)ListenDownload
Bhoo Bhuvarlokala Devantakudu (1960)ListenDownload
Ituprakka Devantakudu (1960)ListenDownload
Narakuni Deepavali (1960)ListenDownload
Suralanu Deepavali (1960)ListenDownload
Chaturbhuje Bhatti Vikramarka (1960)ListenDownload
Suklam Baradharam Bhatti Vikramarka (1960)ListenDownload
Adigo Jagannadhu Bhakta Raghunath (1960)ListenDownload
Naatin Kanaka Durga Puja Mahima (1960)ListenDownload
Aa Moghal Ranadheerulu Private SongsListenDownload
Advytamurti Private SongsListenDownload
Puttaboyedi Private SongsListenDownload
Bharateeyula Private SongsListenDownload
Gogosha Private SongsListenDownload
Radhanura Private SongsListenDownload
Kuntikumari Private SongsListenDownload
Nagarjunakonda Private SongsListenDownload
Nagumomunaku Private SongsListenDownload
Veliginchavoyi Private SongsListenDownload
Papayi Private SongsListenDownload
Regina Private SongsListenDownload
Pushpavilaapam Part 1 Private SongsListenDownload
Pushpavilaapam Part 2 Private SongsListenDownload
Sandhyasri Private SongsListenDownload
Sriramadandakam Private SongsListenDownload
Tenalanolikinchu Private SongsListenDownload