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In Memorium, Ghantasala Program Feb.2008
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Ghantasala Stamp Release Function, Feb 11 2003

Ghantasala Vigraham Unveiling,
Public Gardens Feb.14 1993
  1. Dr.C.Narayana Reddi (courtesy Panini)

  2. S.P.Balasubrahmanyam (courtesy Panini)

  3. Pictures (courtesy K.V.Rao)

Swaramadhuri & Gaanamaadhuri
Two beautiful and Insightful broadcasts authored by Sri. Pisupati Umamaheswaram and presented on AIR by Sri. Atloori Venkata Rao Choudary. We always knew Ghantasala was great, but these programs provide some insight into the wide ranging talents of the maestro.
Swaramadhuri       Gaanamaadhuri

Broadcast on AIR upon his passing away, this shraddhanjali is full of poignant recollections of people who knew him closely. The audio quality is spotty. The speeches are in MP3. Contributed by Sreenivas Paruchuri
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